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Welcome to SX3 Sports LLC

Formally known as STX Custom Gloves.

We here at SX3 Sports would like to welcome you to our New Site. We know you have many choices and appreciate your time. You'll find our site easy and informational. Once again Thank You !!

About Our Custom Gloves

Our Custom Gloves are handmade and constructed of 100% high quality leathers. They are designed to stand up for years come. SX3 is one of the few that GUARANTEES THEIR LACES for the life of the glove, that's a guarantee a few manufactures can provide at an affordable price. SX3 Custom Gloves can be customized to suit any taste. Players can choose from a list of 13 colors, 12 web designs. Colors can even be mixed and match on the same glove. You get to customize and personalize your glove just the way you like it (i.e. Customized Name, Special Logos, State or Country Flags). The BREAK-IN process is professionally steamed 70% and conditioned that will provide an almost game-ready glove.

Dealer Opportunities

Whether you're a retail store, a training facility, or a complex with a store, SX3 Sports is a brand you want to be affiliated with. The Benefits of selling SX3 gloves to your customers is that you will not find SX3 Gloves at Sports Academy, Dicks, Walmart, or Target. You only have to purchase $250 every month. SX3 is adding high-quality products to their line of sports accessories. The quality of our products will sell themselves.

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