Next Level Pro Series Designed by Brian Doyle

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  • Next Level Pro Series

Our Next Level Pro Series glove is made with the same 100% Full Grain Cow Hide Leather our other custom and stock series gloves are made from. We hand craft the Next Level Pro Series as we do all our other glove lines; with passion, focus on the customer, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. The Next Level Series design comes from “Brian Doyle”. Brian’s design focuses on enhancing the performance of all infielder’s no matter the level. The unique features for this series are:

  • A shorter thumb stabilizer than other infielder glove brands to help create a natural cup form in the palm on the squeeze
  • A smaller palm and web area for quicker release in transition of those triples, doubles, singles and deep hole fielding plays
  • Open thumb and pinky straps in for easy entry and more comfort
  • We have removed the laces from the palm area to prevent backspin in the web
  • We have placed an extra third lace at the base of the H-Web for more support and stiffness in the web
  • The inner wrist pad is thicker for better support and comfort

Next Level Pro Series Designed by Brian Doyle:

Letter from the Designer of the SX3Sports “Next Level Pro Series”

“I have spent my life with a baseball glove on my hand. I have played at the highest level and have won a World Series.  During and after my playing career I helped two of the largest and well known baseball and softball glove manufacturers design their products. SX3 has the best quality leather that I have ever felt.  Their product is easier to break in for game use, it is strong in the correct places for endurance, and their gloves are gorgeous.  


I recommend SX3 gloves to all my friends in the Major Leagues and my youngest grandson. SX3’s quality craftsmanship is second to none, they have the quickest turnaround time from package to game-play, and their gloves can be completely customized with team colors, numbers, name and passages, and completed with custom logos. SX3 is a winner.”


Brian Doyle

New York Yankee 1978 World Series Champion


Brian Doyle’s resume:

Doyle was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the 1972. Before playing a game for the Rangers he was traded to the Yankees along with Greg Pryor in exchange for Sandy Alomar. Doyle joined the Yankees in 1978. He played parts of three seasons for the Yankees as a reserve infielder through 1980.

However, when Willie Randolph was injured for the 1978 World Series, Doyle filled in as the Yankee second baseman. In six World Series games, he batted .438 with seven hits in 16 at bats, one double, four runs scored and two runs batted ins, leading the World Series in batting average while helping the Yankees to their second straight World Series victory.

After the end of the 1980 season, Doyle was selected by the Oakland Athletics where he finished is Major League career as a player. Brian also helped design baseball gloves for two major glove manufacturers for several years during and after his career. He is still a fixture in the baseball community providing training and consulting for the Next Level Sports Institute, but he spends most of his time volunteering and supporting his passion, The Global Baseball Organization.