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Custom Infield / Outfield

  • Welcome to the SX3 Custom Glove Builder!

    Are you ready to build the best glove you ever had? Our glove builder makes it fun and easy to build the perfect glove for you hand, position, and personal style. Once you’re finished, we’ll start handcrafting your glove from 100% high-quality leather.

    Here are a few things to know:

    Colors may not be 100% exact

    The actual glove may vary slightly from the image on the glove builder. Leather often varies slightly from sheet to sheet, and the techniques and solutions we use to break in gloves may cause slight change in leather color. That means the leather swatches and their colors on the actual glove may not match 100% exactly what is shown on the website, but we’ll do our best to get it as close as possible.

    The SX3 Sports Exchange & Refund Policy

    Customized Gloves have a no return or exchange policy. 

    Since all customized gloves are manufactured to the customer’s specifications there are NO EXCHANGES OR REFUNDS.

    If you receive your glove with a manufacturer’s error, we will replace your glove with no questions asked and at no additional cost. A manufacturer’s error may include: incorrect throwing hand, incorrect model, and/or incorrect embroidery.

    SX3 has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy 

    If a rush order is placed and SX3 has not shipped the custom glove by the 21st day (Please allow 2-4 extra days for weekends), SX3 will refund the $45.00 rush charge amount back to the customer. This Rush Order Guarantee does not apply during Dec 20th thru January 4th do to the Christmas Holidays.   

    By purchasing this custom glove, you agree to the terms, conditions, warranty and shipping policies.

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