1/4″ Glove Lacing ( Coming Soon! )


Most gloves are made with six separate sections: webbing, fingers, pocket, heel, thumb and small finger. This 5′ is used to lace re-lace most gloves. Regular 3/16″ lace is standard in most sections; the wider 1/4″ lace is excellent for added durability along the top of the fingers or to strengthen the web.


Tannery Glove Lace 1/4×72

  • 1/4 thickness
  • Works best for: Catcher’s & First Base Mitts – Pockets of Gloves
  • 72″ Length (Standard Lace Length)
  • Thicker than standard glove lace
  • More Durable Lace – Most Commonly Used on Catcher’s Pockets
  • Comes in Black & Tan
  • 1 Glove Lace = $4.95
  • Relacing a Catcher’s or First Base Mitt? We Recommend 5 Glove Laces – 6 for a Beginner Relacer

Tannery Glove Lace 1/4×72

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Premium 1/4 Glove Lacing

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