3/16″ Glove Lacing ( Coming Soon! )


Most gloves are made with six separate sections: webbing, fingers, pocket, heel, thumb and small finger. This 5′ is used to lace re-lace most gloves. Regular 3/16″ lace is standard in most sections; the wider 1/4″ lace is excellent for added durability along the top of the fingers or to strengthen the web.

When it comes to glove lace Tanners is possibly the cream of the crop. This Tanners Glove Lace is made from Genuine American Rawhide and is the same lace used on all SX3 Pro Gloves Pro Series Steerhide and Japanese Kip. Each Tanners Lace is 3/16″ wide and 72″ long. Most gloves are made with five separate lacing sections: webbing, fingers, palm, heel and thumb/small finger. This is why if you are planning on re-lacing your entire glove we recommend purchasing a minimum of 5 stands of lace. So whether you need to do a quick fix to your web or want to add some extra color to your mitt.

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Premium 3/16 Glove Lacing

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