Most frequent questions and answers

A: Stock gloves are shipped within 2-3 days via USPS 2-3 day Priority mail, if in stock. In the event we are out of stock we will notify you and usually ship within 4 weeks. SX3 custom gloves normally arrive within 4-8 weeks from the time the order is placed. By comparison, other companies can take up to 3-6 months to get your glove to you.

Certain Restriction Applies:  The Guarantee Time Does Not Apply with in these certian dates. Please add additonal weeks during these times.

Restriction Dates:

Spring Break (March 1 Week)
Thanksgiving (November 1 Week)
Christmas (December 20th – January 4th)

A: SX3 glove sizes are measured from the top of the index finger down the bottom of palm. Measurements are in inches from 10.1/2”-14”. Review our glove sizing chart. We advise you to speak with a professional baseball or softball trainer to get their advice on your best glove size based on your skills and position.

A: All SX3 stock or custom gloves are warranted for one (1) year – 6 months from defected workmanship.

A: Our customers have 10 days from the date they receive their Stock Glove to return their glove with no questions asked. There is a $35 restocking fee for stock gloves that are returned that have no name embroidered.

Customized Gloves have a NO RETURN OR EXCHANGE Policy. Since all customized gloves are made to customer specs, there are NO EXCAHNGES OR REFUNDS.

If you receive your glove with a manufacturer’s error, we will replace your glove with no questions asked and no additional cost. A manufacturer’s error may include: an incorrect color, incorrect throwing hand, incorrect model, and/or incorrect embroidery. In the event of a manufacturer’s error, you may contact SX3 Sports at in**@sx*******.com or call us at 210-650-2705.