Terms & Conditions

Your Name on Your Glove

When putting your name on a customized glove, you can choose between two fonts: block and script. Names can be a maximum of eighteen (18) characters. If you have a long name, we strongly recommend abbreviating it, if possible. For example, instead of Richard Johnson, we recommend embroidering R. Johnson. Since letters in long names must be shortened in order to fit the glove, some letters (such as O and C) may appear too similar.

Phrase, Quote or Motto

Due to limited space, a phrase, quote or motto will be embroidered in the same color and same font as your name unless you specify otherwise. Phrases, quotes or mottos can be a maximum of eighteen (18) characters.


Embroidery is a complex art or process of forming decorative designs with machine needlework. SX3 Sports reserves the right to alter or reject any designs that are too complex for the embroidering process. The following are descriptions for embroidery options:

Logos, Images, and Flags

Remember, embroidery is a stitching process, not a painting. Needlework cannot reproduce complex details. Also, due to space restrictions on the glove, it is essential that images are simplistic. Pictures need to be as large as possible in order to view all of the image’s details.

Please submit in the following formats: PDF, JPEG. Maximum size is 2.5″ X 2.5″. Flags are placed according to space.

Example: If you order an 11″ glove and you would like a flag and name, such as “Steve Rodriguez” in the thumb area, both the flag and name will not fit on the thumb. We reserve the right to move the flag to an area where it will fit. Logo files must be a PDF or JPEG of exactly what you want on the glove. Please do not send photos of a logo that you would like and need to modify. No exceptions and no modifications will be made.


Leather swatches may not be an exact match to the color you see on the website and the leather material may vary by production sheet.

The techniques and solutions we use to break in gloves may cause change of leather color.

Shipping Time

allow approximately 6-10 weeks from your purchase date for your customized glove to arrive. Please check your order date before contacting us. SX3 Sports will provide a tracking number once the glove is shipped and is not responsible for any results in delivery delays or additional charges. Once the courier delivers your package, we are not responsible for the package if it is taken from the residence.

Shipping Within the USA

Shipping within the USA is a Free with your Custom Glove Order. Shipping is 2-3 days USPS Priority Mail.

International Shipping

Please specify all necessary delivery information in the shipping section of your order. Necessary information includes: country, state or region, and zip code. All international shipments are charged $50 for priority shipping. We’ll provide a tracking number once your glove is shipped. SX3 Sports does not profit from shipping charges. Please note that some countries may place extra charges on or retain your shipment and SX3 Sports is not responsible for any resulting delivery delays or additional charges. Once the courier delivers your package, we are not responsible for the package if it is taken from the residence.

SX3 Sports Exchange, Return & Warranty Policy

Our customers have 10 days from the date they receive their Stock Glove to return their glove with no questions asked. There is a $35 restocking fee for stock gloves that are returned that have no name or embroidered. A $120.00 return fee for any Custom Glove that was not made to customers satisfaction. 

Customized Gloves have a LIMITED RETURN OR EXCHANGE Policy. Since all customized gloves are made to customer specs, there are few exceptions. Please contact SX3 Sports LLC for more information. Any returned or cancelled Custom Glove have a return FEE of $120.00. 

If you receive your glove with a manufacturer’s error, we will replace your glove with no questions asked and will manufacture a new glove for you at absolutely no additional cost. A manufacturer’s error may include: an incorrect color, incorrect throwing hand, incorrect model, and/or incorrect embroidery. In the event of a manufacturer’s error, you may contact SX3 Sports at in**@sx****.com or call us at 210-650-2705.

Breaking In Your new Glove

We recommend using glove conditioner designed to break in, clean and condition your new leather SX3 glove. Use a clean cloth and work the conditioner over the entire glove. Professionally steaming or playing catch is the best way to break in your new SX3 glove. After playing catch, place a ball in the pocket and wrap the glove. Placing your SX3 glove in the microwave, oven or submerging it in water will damage the glove and will void the warranty.

SX3 Sports 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy
If a rush order is placed and SX3 has not shipped the custom glove by the end of the 5th week, SX3 will refund the $45.00 rush charge amount back to the customer. Please allow 2 extra days for weekends. 

By purchasing this custom glove, you agree to the terms, conditions, warranty and shipping policy.